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Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery And Ultrasound


Ultrasound is an imaging technology utilizing sound waves to produce an image on a monitor. It is a complementary method to the X-ray process. The X-ray is able to show us the external boundaries of the organs in the abdomen, their size and location, but cannot give us a good idea about the internal structure of the organ. Many times we perform X-rays and see liver enlargement, but do not know what is causing it. Then we implement an ultrasound exam and are able to recognize masses, vascular abnormalities, dense bile in gallbladder or stones. As a skilled ultrasonographer and a surgeon expert in pet anatomy, I have performed many surgeries of the abdomen and chest. I can identify changes in the organs and recognize their importance for the health of your pet. I will make an informed decision and advise you what is necessary to be done; surgery vs. more conservative treatment. I also perform many minimally invasive procedures, such as ultrasound guided biopsies and needle aspirates, making a diagnosis possible without compromising the well-being of your best friend.

What to expect when your pet arrives for an ultrasound exam

  • Your pet needs to fast for 12 hours prior to the exam, however, drinking water is allowed during this food fasting period.
  • Your pet’s hair will be clipped in the area of the procedure.
  • The exam lasts approximately 30 minutes.
  • Most pets tolerate an ultrasound exam quite well and do not require a sedative.
  • There is no pain involved in an ultrasound; just gentle pressure on the area being studied.
  • After the exam, Dr. Kotev will prepare a written report and disk with images.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.: Which organs can be examined with ultrasound?
A.: Every organ in the body may be studied with ultrasound.
Q.: What is the wait time for an ultrasound appointment?
A.: Usually appointments may be scheduled the next day, or on occasion on the same day.