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Veterinary Orthopedic Surgery And Ultrasound

Your Pet & Surgery

Relax and learn more about what we do for your best friend.

On this page I would like to walk you through the journey we will take together to make your pet feel better again. I understand that most owners do not have previous experience with their pet requiring a surgical procedure. I would like to emphasize that we adhere to very strict sterilization procedures for our surgical instruments, drapes and surgical supplies. We also have very high standards for every surgical procedure we perform and surgery is performed only when we are convinced that that is the only way to improve the life of your beloved pet. We treat your pet like it is our own.

  • When you arrive on the day of the surgery your pet has to be fasted: no food or water after midnight the night before.
  • Your pet will be checked in by one of our technicians and the vital signs will be taken.
  • Next we kennel your pet and pre-surgical blood tests will be performed in order to confirm your pet is in good health for the procedure.
  • An intravenous catheter will be placed on one of the pet’s leg in order to be able to give anesthetics and fluids during the surgery.
  • Your pet’s hair will be clipped and area will be scrubbed.
  • Your pet will be placed under general anesthesia, allowing it to sleep peacefully and pain-free during the procedure.
  • At the conclusion of the procedure we will place external sutures on the skin. These sutures will be visible to you.
  • Our surgeries incorporate a post-surgical epidural injection when surgery is performed on rear legs, or brachial plexus injection when surgery is performed on front legs, unless we discuss other methods. We do this because we believe that a pain-free pet is a happy pet and will recover more quickly.
  • At the time of your pet’s discharge from the hospital, you meet our technicians again for post-operative care instructions.